Posted by: Jack | April 22, 2008

More than a “female MC”


Over on the website UKHH there’s an interview with a new MC from South East London, Excentral Tempest.

I had a look at her website and all though the first track didn’t grab me at first if you have a listen I think she’s got some really good stuff, especially the acapella track ‘Fireside Acapella.”

She’s got quite a few politically conscious lines, and it shows in her interview as well, in a comment I thought was pretty insightful into sexism in emceeing.

You have a lyric that claims people say you write well, ‘for a lady’. To what extent has sexism affected you and your work, or is it just a lyric?

No it’s not just a lyric. I wrote it because I feel that sometimes people don’t realise that when they’re giving you a compliment, it’s also an insult in a way. In hip hop especially, if you’re a woman rapping, there’s always gonna be the tag ‘female MC’, when I just want to be an MC in my own right, not necessarily a ‘female MC’. I have experienced sexism in the industry. When I first started out and no-one knew who I was, I couldn’t get on mics anywhere, I used to have to get my producer to get the mic for me, and I’d grab the mic and start rapping and it was only then that they’d let me spit.”>


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