Posted by: Jack | March 28, 2008


Hi, and thanks for having a look at my new blog. I’ve started this to have a place to post my random thoughts on a variety of things I find important.

Some of them are important: the crisis that’s facing the world today in the global environment, how and why it’s happening. Why the ecological crisis is linked to the human crisis that causes poverty and misery for most folk on this planet, and outbreaks of wars like gangrene in many different regions of the world.

And some of them aren’t really important unless you share some of my strange interests, but I wanted a place to talk about them as well: what’s happening in hip hop around the world; the difficulties of eating well in western society; my obsession (it really is an obsession that is taking over my life) with cephalopods like octopus, squid and nautilus; and of course where to find the best new science fiction!

I hope you find the posts about things that do matter important and useful in trying to figure out why the world is in such a mess and what we can all do about it together; and I hope you find the posts about the things that don’t diverting enough to tolerate me rambling on about them and still come back to the site.

Thanks for reading!



  1. Post some shit up about battlestar galactica already.

  2. I’m going to, my internets been broken. . .

  3. nice blog jack well done.
    cu friday xx

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